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Public Private

Renovarum supports operators in the structuring of Public Private Partnership proposals and, in more detail, the activities concerning Project Financing.

The support offered covers the entire duration of the whole procedural process, from the design of the project to the awarding of the tender, and even beyond, in cases of rebalancing of the Economic and Financial Plans.

Partnership (PPP)

Public Administrations may use the advice of expert advisors for the structuring of Project Financing and Public Private Partnership (PPP) proposals.

The PPP, referring to a wide range of cooperation models between the public and private sectors, can be chosen by the Public Administrations if they intend to entrust a private operator to the implementation of a project for the construction of public works or public utility and for the management of related services.

Project Financing (PF)

The Project Financing (PF), as a public-private partnership instrument, is a financing formula that allows for the implementation of projects capable of generating cash flows such as to repay the debt contracted by the private individual for its implementation and remunerate the risk capital. Thanks to the partnership with expert public sector professionals, the PF covers the financial, legal and accounting areas.
The activities we carry out include:
Scouting activities
To search for the best opportunities, through the analysis of the Budgets and the Three-year Planning of Public Works of Public Entities
Support and assistance
In the establishment of a Special Purpose Vehicle, through the identification of the most suitable companies for carrying out the activities
Structuring of the Transaction
Through support for the implementation of Feasibility Projects, Economic and Financial Plans, Analysis of Costs and Benefits for the Public Entity and the evaluation of the convenience of using the PPP tool through the calculation of the Value for money
Economic and Financial Assessment
Of the Public-Private Partnership Project
Legal Assistance
For the drafting of the Agreement
Assistance during the Tender Phase
Support in the subsequent phases
Should it be necessary to rebalance the Economic and Financial Plan
Possible search for debt capital and negotiation with credit institutions as part of the financing of operations
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