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We are a Consulting Company that offers specialized services aimed at sustainable and long-term growth for companies of all sizes. We can support your start-up or company at every stage of the life cycle, thanks to a team of specialized professionals with multidisciplinary and complementary skills, which allow you to address the main problems of the company from a financial, strategic, accounting and legal point of view.
In order to support the client in any decision-making process or assist him in any circumstance, we also carry out our activity in collaboration with other professional firms. In this way, we are able to cover all the needs of companies: from financial to strategic, accounting and legal needs. With our "Consulting Company", you will be sure of having a complete, efficient and professional service aimed at the growth of your business.

Our Mission
and Vision

We want to help our clients in their decision-making process, to improve business performance and build successful companies, capable of attracting both qualified personnel and investors.

We always put the client's interests above everything: all team members and our collaborators observe high ethical and behavioral standards, while ensuring high performance standards.

The right mix between
experience and new ideas

In our team there are both experienced people, with high seniority, and younger girls and boys, able to bring new ideas and tools to the consultancy activity we carry out.

Skills, values, approaches are continuously updated, while always preserving our values and our identity.

Why choose

Renovarum provides support and advisory services for the creation of startups and launching companies. Thanks to our expertise in facilitation and business design, we will put you and your team at the center of the project, providing you with the most suitable tools and the necessary knowledge to tackle this journey.
Supported by Renovarum advisors to draft a Business Plan credible and realistic, you will be able to count on the most suitable tools to evaluate the necessary investments, the available resources and those required to start your business; together we will also look for funding sources up to your idea in order to offer your business maximum solidity.
With the strategic and business consulting, you will have a clearer view of your company, identifying growth opportunities and planning for the future. By choosing to entrust us with your business, you will have the certainty of a professional, reliable and quality service, able to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.
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