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Company Financial Statement Analysis
can be requested over several years of business activity, and is very useful for:

in depth the economic and financial situation of the company

the strengths and weaknesses of the company

improvement strategies

Why KPIs are important

After identifying the main KPIs in the reference sector, through the financial statement analysis, it is possible to calculate specific financial ratios, which make the reading of the financial statements more structured and easier, and to carry out a comparative analysis with the main market indices and competitors.

In particular, through the analysis of the company's financial situation, it is possible to identify strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition, and possibly define strategies aimed at improving the company's competitive position.

What is the analysis of financial statements for

Using financial ratios, it is possible to analyze the level of liquidity, financial balance and profitability of the company, as well as its ability to generate cash.

These indicators are of fundamental importance for evaluating the financial health of the company and for defining the strategies to be adopted for the improvement of its competitive position.

Contact us to define together the most strategic KPIs for your business.

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