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Business Plan

The Business Plan is an essential tool to guide the company towards success.

Why the business
plan is important

Drawing up a Business Plan means planning the future of your company, analyzing all the aspects that concern it: from production to marketing, from the organizational structure to the necessary investment The Business Plan is an essential tool for:
  • check the feasibility of a business project,
  • evaluate the market potential,
  • identify the most effective strategies,
  • calculate the risks associated with a new initiative.
The market dynamism nowadays does not allow mistakes to be made, also for this reason the drafting of a Business Plan is an evaluation process of the business project which shouldn’t rely just on personal experiences and sensations, but needs to specialized advice.
The Business Plan is a document made up of 2 parts:
Which explains the project, the competitive market and the resources needed to achieve the objectives of the plan
Which presents the economic, patrimonial and financial projections examined in the descriptive part
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