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Never be the smartest person in the room.
If you are, then you're in the wrong room.

If you are wondering why you should rely on expert consultants for your business, the answer can be found in these two sentences.

Our advisor services affiancamento for Start-up

The goal of every entrepreneur is to design, test and offer the market what customers really want. But often a good idea is not enough. There is a need for qualified advice, suited to the needs of startups in whatever stage they are in. In Renovarum we want to provide support and guidance to new businesses to help them grow and develop. For these reasons, we have focused heavily on the interdisciplinary skills of our team, in order to be able to support startups in all phases of the life cycle: from the incubation of the business idea to the implementation of a proper exit strategy.

Validation of the business idea and definition of an Minimum Viable Product

Through the analysis of the most appropriate technologies and strategies for the entrepreneurial activity, and with an accurate analysis of the founder-market fit, Renovarum helps you to validate the business idea and to define an MVP, Minimum Viable Product, indispensable for testing the goodness of the idea on the market.


On the basis of a careful SWOT Analysis, Renovarum helps you to find:
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
Of your business idea. The SWOT Analysis is very helpful for:
  1. define and implement the most appropriate marketing strategies;
  2. define corporate objectives;
  3. calculate the ROI that could result from alternative strategies.

Checking of legal and economic-financial feasibility

With our advice, you will also have complete support in finding sources of funding, identifying with you which institutional investors are the most suitable and the best strategies for obtaining effective funding. We support you in verifying the legal and economic-financial feasibility and we also give you our support in the protection of intellectual property.

KPI: definition, analysis and monitoring

The definition, analysis and monitoring of KPIs are essential for verifying the progress of the company strategies implemented and, if necessary, establishing corrective measures that allow constant high returns to be obtained. Every goal will have to be S.M.A.R.T.:

Drafting of the Business Plan

The Business Plan is an essential document for the creation of a company and includes: objectives, strategies, marketing, sales and financial forecasts, etc. Business Plan helps clarify your business idea and is used for two purposes:
  • within the company: as a strategic guide;
  • outwards: as a document to be presented to financial institutions or new shareholders when requesting capital or debt financing.
The Business Plan is also often used to request funding for facilitating youth entrepreneurship.

Drafting a Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck is an essential tool for presenting a business idea to external investors. It can be a multimedia presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), a video, or a written document. In all three cases, the Pitch Deck must be well structured and contain all the essential information to convince investors to finance the business idea.
Pitch Deck slides they must be clear, concise and well-illustrated, in order to capture the attention of investors and convince them of the validity of the business idea. The same goes for making a video.
The written document it must be structured in a logical way and contain all the essential information to convince investors.
In all cases, it is important to pay particular attention to the quality of the information presented, in order to convince investors of the goodness of the investment.

Strategic advice for the definition of the management control systems

Our strategic consultancy service for defining the most efficient and agile organizational model and management control systems will support you in choosing the best decisions for pursuing your market objectives. Thanks to our experience and our solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage on the market.

Assistance in finding sources of funding

We can provide you with assistance in finding sources of funding that will allow you to identify the financial partner that best suits your needs and get the most value from your company.
We will analyze the life cycle of the company, its characteristics and management, to evaluate all available opportunities, such as institutional investors and alternative finance tools.
We will offer you complete support, both for Due Diligence activities and in the negotiation phase. In fact, we will carry out a founder-investor fit analysis, to identify the best partners who will enable both financial and strategic growth for your business
Rely on specialized advice to get the most out of your business!

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